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Getting started with a custody battle for your kids is never going to be easy, but you can make the process go much smoother by being prepared for your first consultation with custody lawyers in San Antonio, Texas. No matter what you’re meeting with your attorney for, there’s going to be some information that they’re going to want from you. At Tess House Law, we can help you prepare by sharing some items and information you should have ready for your lawyer when you have your initial consultation.

Previous custody and visitation court orders

It’s not uncommon for the court to base its final decision on previous mandates. Bring any previous custody and visitation orders that you’ve had before or currently have, so your custody lawyer can look them over. Previous orders can help them better understand the starting point for your case and put together a comprehensive plan that will help to improve your situation.

Current and previous addresses of residency of children

The court is going to want to see where your children have been living for the last five years. Have residential addresses for your children. These will include any parents, family members, or other guardians they’ve been living with during this time.

Marital status

The current state of your marriage is crucial information for your custody lawyer to have. Let them know if you’re separated, divorced, never married, or if legal processes are ongoing. In some states, marital status will determine the rights of the father and which parent gets default rights to the child or children. For instance, Texas automatically gives legal and physical custody to the mother when the child is born. As a father, your custody attorney can fight to help you get custodial rights to your child.

Your preferences

Typically, when a custody lawyer is getting involved in a custody battle, it means the parents aren’t in agreement on a living situation for the kids. The legal system will then have to step in to make the final decision on what’s best. Of course, the parents will each have a chance to present their preferences for custody so that the court can make a final decision. Have your plan ready to lay out for your attorney with the reasoning for it, then they can include it in their arguments on your behalf.

The whole story

Your lawyer will need to know the whole story behind why you’re in a custody battle. Share as much detail as you can to fill your attorney in on the situation. The more information they have regarding your current arrangement, the better they can provide you with insight into a potential outcome and argue your case in mediation or court.

In addition to understanding the current arrangement, let your attorney know if your co-parent has violated court custody orders. We can address any problems you’ve been having and ensure that things are made right moving forward.

Schedule a consultation

You don’t have to go about fighting your custody battle on your own. Get in touch with our team at Tess House Law, and we’ll work to fight for your rights as a parent. Our custody lawyers in San Antonio, Texas are experienced in fighting for parents who present tough custody cases. Give us a call at 210-249-2985 or send a message using our contact form to schedule a meeting. Let’s win this together.

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