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Whether the parent’s rights were terminated or you seek to terminate another parent’s rights, we are here to help. There is a difference between an adoption involving the Texas Department of Family and Protective Service and one that does not. If children came into your case through the CPS process, it is important to understand CPS’s role in finalizing your adoption.

Certain documents may be required to accompany legal paperwork. For example, a Health, Social, Educational, and Genetic History (HSEGH) report is prepared and filed with the Court. In an adoption where CPS is not involved, an adoption evaluation may be necessary before a court will approve an adoption. The HSEGH is used to evaluate each person requesting to adopt the child.

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Adoption is the process by which the law creates a parent-child relationship. Our law firm has spent nearly a decade creating families forever through the process of adoption. It is important to have a lawyer familiar with the adoption process to assist with your journey in creating your forever family. Call (210)249-2985 for more information.

After an Adoption Case Is Filed

After an adoption case is filed, the court will assess whether there are any obstacles preventing the adoption from taking place. Obstacles that can interfere with the adoption process include:

  • The parent-child relationship as to each living parent of the child has NOT been terminated
  • A suit for termination has been combined with the adoption and a court has NOT terminated the parental rights of the biological parent
  • The person seeking to adoption the child has not had actual care, possession, and control of the child for a period of six months proceeding the adoption;
  • The nonterminated parent does not consent to the adoption
  • Another person has intervened in the adoption lawsuit and is seeking placement of the children

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