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Have you been co-parenting without court orders? Do you need court orders that outline visitation? Has a parent violated the custody order? Is someone interfering with your access to your child? Do you need more possession and access to your child? Has the current custody schedule become unworkable? Are you tired of going back and forth over custody issues? Do you think dads get their way too easy in court? Do you believe courts favor the woman?

Tess House Law has tackled tough custody cases. We take on fights that you are either tired of having or believe are best suited to be handled by a lawyer in a court of law.

San Antonio Child Custody Lawyer

Experienced San Antonio child custody lawyer, Artessia “Tess” House can handle custody matters that touch and concern the child. Recently the law changed as it relates to how child custody is dealt with in Texas. We have sound knowledge of the changes in Texas law that may affect your case. Call (210)249-2985.

Texas Child Custody Law Office

Texas uses a non-exhaustive list of factors to consider which parent is in the best position to provide for the child.

Among these factors include:

  1. The child’s desires.
  2. The motion and physical needs of the child both now and in the future.
  3. The emotional and physical danger to the child to the child both now and in the future
  4. Parental abilities of the parent seeking custody
  5. Programs available to assist the parentings in promoting the child’s best interest;
  6. Plans for the child;
  7. The stability of the home;
  8. The act or omissions of the parent
  9. Any excuse for acts or omissions of the parent.

Ultimately, the Court uses many factors to determine what is in the best interest of the child. Understanding that the process is child-centered earlier on may assist in the success of a child custody case. Talk to an attorney about how the facts of your case align with factors considered by the Court. (210)249-2985

Your Child Custody Lawsuit

When a child custody case is filed, the other party receives notice of the lawsuit. Generally, the next step is a hearing called a Temporary Order, where the Court temporarily puts a plan to safeguard what’s in the child’s best interest. Temporary Orders allow parties to quickly gain access to Court without having to wait for a final trial. Decisions made at a brief order hearing include:

  1. Possession and Access Schedule
  2. Electronic Communication
  3. Temporary Restraining Orders
  4. Injunctions
  5. Prohibits of certain person from being around the children
  6. Enrollment and participation in Extra-Curricular Activities
  7. Therapeutic Services
  8. Other services available to address the physical and emotional needs of the child

If you find yourself in the military or engaged in a flex schedule job, we have unique possession schedules to assist with the access you have to your child. Call our office today at (210)249-2985

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