Child Visitation

Do you need more visitation time with your child? Are you feeling relegated to being a weekend parent? Need a 50/50 schedule? Are you being denied visitation? Do you find visitations are chaotic and disruptive? Does the child no longer desire to visit the other parent? Are inappropriate people around the child during visitation periods?

San Antonio Child Visitation Lawyer

Experienced child visitation lawyer, Artessia “Tess” House has helped many parents fight for visitation when it comes to their children. Work schedules tend to be hurdles in family law cases that either prevent a parent from visiting their child or afford them more time for bonding. Changes in employment are factors that play an important role in a parent’s availability to visit their child. Housing factors also play a very important role in visitation. The condition of the housing, housing stability, and sleeping arrangements, and at times the way visitation time is used may sway a court of law in determining the amount of visitation that is appropriate.

If you have a court order governing visitation do not take matters in your own hand to modify visitation. Give our office a call and we can help you seek a written order modifying visitation.  We have an established track record of working hard for favorable results. Call (210)249-2985.

Texas Child Visitation Law Office

Failure to follow through with court order visitation may result in an enforcement proceeding being filed against you. Enforcement proceeds are lawsuits filed by parties requesting that the court “enforce” the order in place while alleging that the other party has failed to comply with the order.

The penalties for violating court order visitation is severe. If a court finds you have violated visitation proceedings it may result in civil and criminal penalties. Visitation is a topic not to be toyed with. Understand your rights and where you stand by speaking with one of our in-house attorneys today.

Child Visitation in Court

If child visitation is an issue in your case document evidence that will assist you in court. Documentation includes pictures of visitation violations, the condition of the children, incident reports, written communication After any accident, the first thing you should do is check for injuries on yourself or other passengers in the car. These accidents commonly lead to neck, back, and blunt trauma injuries. Next, you should exchange information with the other driver, or drivers in a multi-car accident. You should have the driver’s license number, insurance information, names, addresses, phone numbers, as well as their motor vehicle’s make model, and license number.

Afterwards, you should always call local police forces to the scene so that they can file a police crash report. It is important that your car accident is legally documented. If possible, try to obtain a copy of the report or ask for the crash report number. It is also a good idea to take photos so you have your own proof on hand of any vehicle damages, license plates, and physical damages done to yourself and passengers. Lastly, contact a car accident lawyer. A car accident or personal injury attorney can make sure you are not taken advantage of and that you are properly represented after an accident.

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