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If you’ve never faced a custody battle before, the process can be quite daunting. You may be frightened and even nervous because the custody of your child is being determined. It’s crucial that you walk into all child custody proceedings as prepared as possible. At Tess House Law, we can help you prepare by sharing what you can expect to happen before each court case.

Here’s some information about what you can expect during your custody lawsuit and how to prepare for the best possible outcomes.

Preparing for your custody lawsuit

Preparation plays an essential part in a custody lawsuit. You should have your arguments lined up, but also know who you are bringing with you and what you should wear. Here are a few key points to have lined up during your custody lawsuit:

  • Answers to all possible questions: The judge will likely ask you about your full-time job and living situation. They’ll also question you on where your child will go after school if you are at work and where they will sleep if you live in a one-bedroom apartment.
  • Testimonials: Know who can defend your character as a top-notch parent. This might include babysitters or teachers you’ve come into contact with extensively due to your child.
  • Your arguments: If you have a custody lawyer, they will work with you to help you build your arguments and case for custody. Some questions worth preparing answers to include: Do I have a suitable living arrangement for my child? Can I support them with my salary?

What to expect during your custody lawsuit

Family court cases are generally much smaller than criminal matters. You can expect to be in a more intimate setting with very few people in the room.

Additionally, the judge, mediators, and custody adjudicators assigned to your case have likely heard several cases within the same day. There is a strong chance it won’t last very long because they probably have other sessions being conducted afterward.

During each child custody proceeding, multiple parties will speak, including:

  • Parents
  • Your child (if they are at the age to make an informed decision)
  • Witnesses (including babysitters, workers, and school officials)

Witnesses are called to testify about their experiences with the child and their parents. They can help the judge determine which parent may be better suited to take care of their child full-time.

After all parties have spoken, a judge will render their decision. The decision is meant to be based on the child’s best interest and will include a visitation schedule (including holidays and weekends) for when the non-custodial parent is entitled to visitation.

Speaking with an attorney can help prepare you for the battles ahead in your custody lawsuit. They can also explain in further detail what you can expect throughout the entire process and how to work to appeal decisions if the judge does not rule in your favor. And remember, the most important thing you can do before each court case is to prepare your information and have all of your facts straight for any question the judge asks.

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