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Is the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, aka Child Protective Services (CPS), knocking at your door? Are you demanding you leave your residence while your kids stay behind? Does CPS require you to take drug tests when drugs are not an issue in your life?

Does CPS continue requiring you to engage in services with no end in sight? CPS involvement in your life can be scary. Just because an attorney practices in family law and is familiar with custody lawsuits does not necessarily mean they have the experience to navigate the CPS process.

Before seeking counsel, ask about their experience in dealing with CPS. CPS has its handbook full of processes and procedures that are not a mirror image of non-cps custody issues. Tess House Law, PLLC has extensive experience fighting CPS. We understand what you need to do, say, and respond as soon as CPS arrives at your door.

We can help answer questions such as:

  • Do I have to answer the door when CPS knocks?
  • Do I have to speak to investigators?
  • Can CPS go to my child’s school without my permission?
  • Do I have to leave my house?
  • What happens if I do not have anyone available to stay with me while watching my kids?
  • How can I fight back?
  • Do I have to submit to a drug test just because CPS asks?
  • Can people keep calling CPS on me?
  • Do grandparents have rights against CPS?
  • Why have my children been placed with strangers?
  • How do I get CPS to consider my family for placement?
  • I want to adopt children in CPS care, but CPS will not let me. How do I do it?
  • CPS took kids from my care but will not tell me why. What can I do?
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