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Are you ready to ask for child support? Does your child need money from the other parent? Need to increase child support payments? Modify child support? Decrease child support payments? Cannot afford to pay child support?

Child support is awarded for the care of the child. The parent responsible for paying child support is known as the “Obligor”. The parent that receives child support payments is known as the “Obligee”. It doesn’t matter whether you are considered an obligor or an Obligee the law offers diverse options to assist you with seeking justice as it relates to child support payments. Rather than wondering what your options are take action and become informed. Our attorneys are ready to explain your options under Texas law.

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Are you aware that there are many ways to pay child support?

Under the Texas Family Code, a court may order child support to be paid by:

  • periodic payments;
  • a lump-sum payment;
  • an annuity purchase;
  • the setting aside of property to be administered for the support of the child as specified in the order; [or]
  • pension, retirement, or other employee benefits in accordance with an enforceable qualified domestic relations order or similar order under Subchapter J, Chapter 157; or
  • any combination of periodic payments, lump-sum payments, annuity purchases, or setting aside of property.

Child support does not have to feel like a one-sided issue. Our attorneys are ready to work with you to develop creative ways that child support obligations can be satisfied. If you have a wealth of financial resources and would rather avoid the monthly payment obligations, you may want to petition the court to pay all monies owed. Alternatively, if you have more funds in a pension versus a paycheck, you may wish to have child support paid by the pension. Schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys today to work on a plan moving forward. (210)249-2985.

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If you are paying child support and your circumstance has changed, the worst thing you can do is take a backseat and do nothing. If you are under a court order obligation to pay child support, it requires seeking an order to modify, amend, or change that obligation. You may be either overpaying or missing out on an increase of monies that could contribute to the child’s care because the current order needs updating.

If you have been furloughed, laid off, terminated, or experienced a drastic change in income resources, you may want to see if it is possible to have your child support modified. If the child support order is dated or if the needs of the child merit increasing child support to cover expenses, you may want to have child support addressed in a court of law. No matter where you find yourself on this side of the issue, our lawyers are prepared to advocate on your behalf by explaining your options in a closed session between you and the attorney. Have a one-on-one experience today by calling (210)249-2985

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