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Are you a renter experiencing issues with your landlord? There are a variety of issues that commonly crop up between tenants and their landlords; often, these have to do with issues like poor property maintenance, utility shut-offs, infestations, and other problems that impact the quality of life of renters. In the tenant’s eyes, these problems may often be uncalled for or unprompted on the part of the landlord.

In many cases, though, there’s two sides to the story. Landlords may sometimes face issues with their tenants that necessarily lead to escalation and, eventually, potential legal action. If a renter is failing to make their payments on time, in full, or at all, the landlord may put the pressure on at first in a variety of ways. Ultimately, though, if the situation can’t be resolved between the two parties, there’s a good chance the issue will go to court.

That’s when the need for an experienced San Antonio real estate lawyer is most critical. There are advantages and disadvantages on either side of the issue, like tenant-friendly laws, regulations, and government agencies, or the greater capacity to afford a legal battle enjoyed by many landlords, that can be counterbalanced by having a skilled attorney on your side.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the common issues that come up between landlords and renters in greater detail and how the right attorney can help you get the best possible result in your case, regardless of which side you’re on.

Common issues between landlords and tenants

As explained previously, the most common issues that arise between landlords and their tenants have to do with the living conditions of the property and payments on the part of renters. These issues, of course, aren’t entirely separate from one another, and one may often lead to the other and snowball into a more comprehensive problem.

Say, for example, a tenant fails to make their rent payments for multiple months in a row for any of a number of reasons. At this point, a landlord may begin exploring their options for evicting the tenant, leading to further actions like utility shut-offs and, eventually, any legal tools at their disposal.

On the other hand, a tenant may be facing issues like utilities disruptions and consequences of poor apartment maintenance like mold, clogged pipes, rodent infestations, and other problems while still paying their rent in full and on time. This situation may lead the tenant to explore their options for making the landlord dealing with these problems, which may begin with refusing to pay rent and end with taking any legal action they can against the landlord.

How can a real estate attorney help?

No matter which side of the legal battle you’re on, the opposing side will have a substantial amount of legal resources at their disposal. Tenants have many laws, organizations, and programs at their disposal for assistance in the event of a landlord dispute, but many landlords may have more money and connections through which to pursue legal action against a tenant.

The benefit of a real estate attorney is that they can help even the playing field for either side of the case. With a solid understanding of local tenant and landlord laws, they’ll know how to use the facts of the case in your favor to ensure that the fairest, most favorable result possible for you is achieved.

Work with Tess House Law to help with your case

Are you facing a legal case related to your renter or landlord? You may have a lot stacked against you, and skilled legal help is a must to give yourself the best chance at a positive outcome. The experienced San Antonio real estate attorneys at Tess House Law can help. To schedule a free consultation, contact us now.

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